Being a defeatist

(Note to self, don’t).

I started applying for work experience in January, browsing the web and applying for everything and anything. I rarely heard back from the companies I applied to and when I did it was a no. Some I kind of expected a no anyway because I was including crazy opportunities when I cast my net out, and pulled in nothing and no’s.

This set me back quite a bit, and I gave up for a while, it’s really disheartening reading replies that say thank you for you application, but basically someones better than you. I know this isn’t always the case, but that’s how it felt.


Earlier on whilst applying for work experience I also contacted one of my favourite photographers, Linda Blacker, she creates magical portraits of youtubers, in the theme of fairytales, she’s like the new teen version of Annie Leibovitz. I have a huge interest and fondness for youtubers, fairytales and photography, she’s a dream come true. I didn’t expect to hear back from her at all because of how busy she is, or that I’d hear from her assistant telling me this.

… Linda Blacker got back to me, it was unfortunately a no, but she wished me all the best in finding the perfect work placement. What could I do but just get on with it. She genuinely sounded sorry that she couldn’t offer me a placement, and her well wishes meant a lot to me.


I also applied to be a photographer for the O2, not a music event or anything like that but it was a day where 16 year olds part of an environment competition went in to work on their ideas, and they wanted a photographer for the day. Unfortunately this was a no too.

I sent in my application for the BBC creative work scheme they run and they have contacted me to say that they are going through my application and that I will hear from the shortly, but said not to count on it for what I needed as they couldn’t be certain on what dates i’d be given.

Segment from my diary that day:

Thursday 23rd February 2017

I have just finished my application to the Q2 BBC work experience programme. The questionnaire part of the process was interesting to say the least, some of the questions said that the answer could only be one sentence long, no longer than 35 words. One was what is your favourite television programme? And another what is your dream job? I struggled with this one greatly because I don’t have a set idea anymore of what I am aiming for, or what I want. All I do know is that I want to work in the creative industry.

There was also part of the application where you are given different scenarios and you have to chose the best and worst route to take. This was more difficult than I thought because all of the options had benefits and disadvantages, it was just weighing them out to see what the best route would be, I would be interested to see my results for this but I am unsure as to whether the response includes this.

 Now I wait for a response.


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