I wrote my first CV at school, roughly in year 10, so I was only 14/15 and it’s fair to say I had no experiences to write on it. Year 10 was also the year we took work experience (luckily), and I spent my week at a dog kennel, we wasn’t meant to be paid for work experience, but my employer wanted to, and to this day I have kept the exact money in the little brown pay slip envelope she handed me on my last day (because I am a sentimental weirdo). So this was the first bit of work I could write on my CV. I went to life skills classes at school where we would have help writing it, and had practice interviews.

With a few adaptions a few years along the line I used the same CV to get me my first ‘proper’ job. I worked in a clothes shop for 2 years, the location was ideal, and the hours were great. I got on with everyone I worked with and working there gave me a huge confidence boost (something that I am lacking now and that I hope the work experience I am about to undertake will help with). I took a year out of education to help save for university, but during this time I learnt valuable life lessons, things that will help me in the future with my career. The main one is that not all managers are managers, a boss is a better term, and because of their position they take it for granted, I was the youngest working their at the time and she bullied me out. Since her taking over the store, all of the original and new staff have left because of her ill treatment of staff. Leaving is something I have always regretted, because I really enjoyed it there, in the future I will stand up for my self more because it’s not a crime to do this.

This is something I am not worried about for work experience because Sioux, the lady I will be working for is lovely, she’s kind, helpful and professional, and I am thoroughly looking forward to working with her. I will also be working independently, and for Blind Luck Photography.

(I went off on a bit of a tangent there, now back on track)

This is my CV, it is a working progress and will have a lot more on there within the next few months. (I plan to post an updated version later on). The link below will take you to my CV, this is my more creative version, I have chosen to keep my old job on there so new employers can see what I was doing during huge gaps between the dates.


I create individual cover letters when applying for jobs, and in the cover letter it explains that I am a student at UCA Rochester studying photography.


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