What approaches do you take to developing your work?

(consider both practical elements and contextual), in other words what stages do you tend to go through to develop, realise and communicate ideas? Is there a pattern to your process? 

When it comes to approaching a new unit, I first start with so many different ideas buzzing around, so I begin by jotting these all down usually in the form of a mind map as a list tends to be too daunting to process afterwards. It isn’t always the most helpful step because it is extremely difficult to then choose one, I spend a lot of time considering not only what the best idea is, but what is the most doable, and challenging. I usually come up with a few ideas just from the title of the unit and then lots more from the first brief.

My work is constantly changing and developing, even when I have a set plan of what I want to do, because I will find a better way of doing something, or I’ll have a change in interest, or be given a big hurdle that hits me hard emotionally, because I feel like I’ve put my heart into a project, but if I know something’s wrong then I always find a way to fix it, even if it means changing my idea.

I communicate my ideas best through a physical reflective journal, I like to have something to hold and show. The only thing I found with this that it is extremely time consuming especially for something that isn’t getting marked.

I approach a project pretty full on at the beginning and then I always reach a weak patch in the middle where I feel bored. This is something that I am extremely concerned about for the major project, because of how long I will be spending on one idea, and how easily now I can change my mind.

When it comes to anything practical, I love being hands on, so practical for me isn’t just the taking of photographs and printing. I enjoy being able to make something too.

If you were to assess your approach in both areas, what do you feel works and what doesn’t? and where do you see the need for development?

I sometimes find it difficult to find substantial research that links in with my project, I think I need to use the library more to find more sources, and produce more primary research meaning I should go to more galleries.

I also think I could do more test shoots in the future, I do jump into a project head first, I think its because a lot of the time if I do a test shoot and then take a photograph that I love, I can’t then replicate this exactly so then the test shoot becomes an official shoot because I start using the photographs I take as finals.

WWW: (what went well)

I feel like I have the idea stage nailed, I come up with creative responses each time. However I think for the major project I am going to struggle to choose one.

I present my thought process well throughout my project and I find it extremely helpful to post idea updates, so I can keep up to date with what stage I am at during a project and it means that when it comes to marking tutors can see when I changed something and why, rather than there being a sudden change of theme with no explanation.

When I am working on something that I am passionate about, it shows, the effort that I put in is much more, without me even trying. For example you can compare my identity unit from year 1, where I took black and white photographs of my parents, showing the mundane home life with my Beyond Photography unit, where I created a whole story, wrote a made and wrote a diary, hand aged each photograph (oh for the identity unit I produced 4 images, for Beyond it was well over 20 images) its a weak concept that even I didn’t enjoy to a strong imaginative one that I could have continued making more work.


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