What is the link between your theoretical work and choice of research and your practice?

My contextual studies were quite restricted in the first year, we were given someone to research, and how to research them and that was that, then it was widened where we could branch out and find our own photographers to research, then in the second year (and end of the first) I pushed this further by researching not just photographers but branching out into other artists, then into films, TV programs and even books. I find looking into media that has previously interested me, a fun and useful way to develop my new concepts, because I already have an interest in them (rather than just researching something because it links).

I also found that practically the whole time I’ve worked backwards and what I mean by this is that I have come up with my own idea and then had to find something that links with this, it is proving to become quite difficult when I come up with some bonkers idea. Bill Cunningham is a no go zone, I appreciate what he did, but it is just not my thing. Joan Fontcuberta? Now you’re talking. He seems a bit mad and he’s doing it for the fun of it. Grayson Perry’s work in my eyes is just amazing and when I went to see it at the Turner I was in awe of the size and talent of his work, I have also taken part in his recent crowd sourced project in which he created two vases. but I am yet to use him majorly as inspiration for a project.


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