What particular themes arise from or are dealt with in your work?

I have started taking a personal approach to unit briefs. I don’t think I deal with any particularly important themes, I touched on mental illness in my last my unit but only as a mode to carry a story and give the character depth.

My last units have been based on a female lead, the first a Victorian lady, who was in fact strong and determined, and because of her time she was belittled by her husband. In the Story Telling unit she was independent and at first the audience believed that she was the strong heroin of the story, maybe even more so after realising she is battling mental illness.

I have explored the sense of abandonment in the environment unit, (unfortunately) the mundaneness of everyday life in the identity unit, it makes me uncomfortable even bringing this work up, because it was the worst bit of work I have ever done, no imagination and no skill, and for once I’m not being to harsh on myself. Moving on quickly I also explored and compared cultures in the here to there unit, and almost got myself a trip to Mexico with a photographer to document the festival day of the dead, he said he really enjoyed looking through my work, but he had already allotted the tickets he had to other applicants and that if anything was to come up like this again he’d be in touch.

A few of my projects (3 to be exact) were all created from my local surroundings, so I didn’t go further than 10 minutes away from my home, I think this is because it’s such an un loved area but with hidden gems just waiting to be shown.

I have explored archive work, and created two fake archives of my own, so the fantasy theme arises from these bodies of work.


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