What topics interest you, both visual and contextual? and why?

My interest over the second year of my degree has a nice tight link, something I felt that I was lacking in my first year, I guess I used this time to try and lots of different themes within photography to find out what were my strengths and weaknesses.

This year however I created two fake archives, both extremely different, but with the same working methodology. One an archive of old photographs, in which I created witch like scenes in the woods, photo manipulated portraits in the studio and presented a collection of belongings to the character. And the more recent an archive of a girl who believes she is living in a zombie apocalypse when really she is on the run from a mental institute.

Both are about a female, both based on myself but in a different form. One I simply used my own face, and pretended that it was a family member (hence the creepy resemblance) and then the other I used my name to create her name, so experimented with an anagram, so I got from Laura McEwan to Caam. N. Wauler.

So the idea of the make believe is a topic that I have a huge interest in because even now I tend to be living in this dream world that doesn’t exist. I enjoy seeing the mix of the make believe and surreal come to life in photography because a photo is meant to be a piece of evidence, a showing of truth and fact and I like challenging that.

I am working my hardest when I’m out exploring, using ambient light to its best abilities, being stuck indoors isn’t my style. Creativity is, my strongest asset is my imagination, and I need to start putting this to its best use.

Visually I like things that are either pretty in whimsical dream like way, or the complete opposite being creepy and based on horror. Overall my favourite visual look would be the surreal.

I think finding out why or where my imagination has come from would be something I’d need to find out, for now I believe that I am creative and imaginative because of the television and film that I have been interested in. For example: Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who (BBC), Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Avengers (anything Marvel actually), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Disney, The Labyrinth, more recently Fantastic Beasts.

I think it’s a combination of these fantastical magical worlds along with my interest in programs and films that again are only stories, but in the real world like: Gavin and Stacey, Only Fools and Horses, Lizzie McGuire, Broadchurch, Maid of Honour, What’s your number?, Love Rosie, Me Before You etc. They are all based now, in the real world but still have crazy romances, strong friendships, and beautiful endings. They all fantasise the world we live in, and show it in a way we want it to be.

As it stands I think these all add up to create my romanticised view of the world, I don’t think I quite portray this in my work, but I show the not so nice but in a way that it’s believable but still more interesting than what is going on at that current time.

This all being said I also really enjoy street photography, and the simplicity of it and the beautiful documentary type photos you get as a result. Again this means that I can be out exploring.

I think the problem I am going to have using my reflections on my previous to help sculpt my third year major project is do I choose something crazy and mad, that won’t really lead to many opportunities at the end of it, or do I reign in my mad ideas and explore a topic that would open opportunities for me?


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