Where do you see your career heading?

My notes and ramblings:

No idea. Anywhere at the minute. Down the drain perhaps? Uhm I don’t know, I don’t think I would thrive being hired as a photographer, and then taking photos to someone else’s liking? I think I would be capable of it, but like I have said earlier I like making stories, I mean if I was living in one of my “dream worlds” I would perhaps have published my own weird photobook? I don’t know.

Now I feel like I’m retracting what I said at the beginning but I think I wouldn’t mind being an event photographer? At music gigs and festivals. I think I am still in that dream world and I just want my work to be seen, I don’t think I would be satisfied as a wedding photographer?  I’d love to be a wedding photographer and try it, but I would like to end up somewhere else. (I am writing this before experiencing any wedding shoots, and I have 2 coming up). Maybe that would be a stepping stone to where I want to be?

I think I am rambling.

A travel photographer would be really cool, I’d be paid to travel… I realise now that I am just listing dreams. But really this is something I would jump at the chance to, because like I have said whilst answering other questions, I like to be out and about, I like to explore. This would be phenomenal. But considering where I see my career heading also means seeing where my life is going, which is a scary thing to do, and with plans of moving out etc. Travel photography in the way I see it, isn’t the most feasible to start with.

I would like to take portraits of celebrities? Again another dream, but I think because they have a huge character already about them it would be really fun to capture that and show it to the world… but how do I get here?

My answer: 

It wasn’t until talking to a friend about where I see myself in the future and what I want to do with my life, was that first of all neither of us really knew, but I found this nice simple aim to start with, and it actually made me feel quite happy and content with it (as a stepping stone at least). I was talking about how I don’t think I’d enjoy working for a company, and that I think I would work best as self employed or a freelancer. It was whilst I was thinking about this that at first I’d be happy to have a part time job, which doesn’t have to be creative but just something to pay the bills, and then in my spare time start a side job of photography, and work like this until it becomes big enough and bringing enough money in that I can do it full time. It is a nice reasonable goal to have, currently I have no idea what type of photos I’d like to be taking, perhaps whilst its like that I’d like to take portraits, and be hired for events etc. It seems simple thinking about it now, but I am sure it will have its difficulties and struggles.

I would say my final goal is to be a photographer like Linda Blacker, but I am unsure as to how she earns a living, because she comes up with the idea, designs the sets, chooses the model, picks the costume, and then she posts her work online, she has a huge audience but she isn’t commissioned by anyone that I know of. She has done advertisement work, where she still has control of the creative input and output, I think this is something that I’d enjoy because I think it would feel like my wings have been clipped if someone says I want you to photograph this, in this way, using this etc.

At one point I wanted to be a documentary photographer specialising in war zones… until I read how you get to this role. It involves joining the army, which first means I need to be fit and pass exercise tests, then you have to be a soldier for a certain amount of years, and then you have to earn a higher job title then you can bring your camera along. I was quite upset when I realised how unfeasible it actually is, but this was last year I was thinking about this, and this idea is long gone now.

I would be here all day if I was to list all of my past career aspirations (I just thought that the war photography one was worth being mentioned). I think this appealed to me so much because i’d be helping people, my photos would mean something.


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