ArtsMark Assistant (25/04/17)

Today I knew what to expect and felt much more confident going into it. It started the same again at All Saints first, we began by preparing the room and setting up the equipment. This time round we were using electrical equipment (the glue guns) and we had to make sure the wires weren’t going to be a trip hazard, and insure that the water for the brushes were kept on another table out of harms way.

Today we were teaching the children how to make peg insects. The stages were as follows:

  1. cut out the butterflies from the plastic bottles
  2. draw veins or patterns onto the wings
  3. thread one bead onto the centre of a pipe cleaner
  4. fold the pipe cleaner in half
  5. thread more beads onto both ends of the pipe cleaner at the same time
  6. bend the ends out (to make antennas) and thread a bead onto each end
  7. use the glue gun to attach the peg to one side of the plastic
  8. and then attach the body (made of pipe cleaners and beads) to the other side
  9. then once dry, paint the bottom side of the wings

The children at All Saints were well behaved, and listened carefully and got on with the steps themselves. I was using the hot glue gun to attach the parts, as the children weren’t allowed to do this without training. When it got to their second butterfly I could then teach them how to use the hot glue gun themselves if they wished.

When it calms down and the children need less help, this is when I get my camera out to take photos of them whilst they are working. Last week I felt quite dubious about doing this but this time I jumped straight in, and the children even started posing for the photos which was enjoyable to see them so comfortable in front of the camera.

Here are some of the photos from the morning session:

We then packed away and collected the art work from last week and headed back to the car. We had a break for lunch and made our way over to the next school.

We were in the hall again at St.Clements and set the room up slightly different so we could reach the plug sockets for the glue guns. Last week there was a bit of a problem with misbehaviour but the teacher decided to keep some of the children behind in class so they couldn’t participate in todays activities. This meant that we had less children to teach, which meant we could spend more time with each child.

They were extremely well behaved and organised, they got on with the work quietly and redeemed themselves from last week.

This time I spent the first part going round the room helping and answering questions. Then I started working on the hot glue gun again.

Again when it came to getting my camera out I felt really comfortable to do so, and the children were happy to pose.

It was a pleasure to work with Sioux as always, and I came home smiling. Today was my favourite day so far, it was thoroughly enjoyable at both schools. I now have the ringing sound of Miss, Miss, Miss, Laura is this right? Miss what next? Laura, Laura. The children are much more confident, and know me better now.


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