Album Release Shoot (28/04/17)

I never know how to start a blog post when I it is about something I found exciting, I’d start it with a scream but I am sure that would get annoying. Yesterday I worked for a band called Jukebox Monkey, who i’d previously worked with before on an album cover shoot on Dungeness beach over sunrise, it was an extremely demanding shoot but well worth it.

Yesterday they released their album, with the photo being used one that I assisted on at Dungeness beach. The gig for their album release was at The Penny Theatre in Canterbury. There were three line up acts that night also.

I had been recommended to the band by Paul Wicks, and they were more than happy to have two photographers for the evening. We arrived during the soundcheck at 5’o’clock, and set up our cameras.

For about half an hour we sat and went through settings were I learnt many helpful tips for shooting events like this. Including ways to have the focusing mode and view finder.

We introduced ourselves to the event manager and sound man, and by doing this and making ourselves known, the manager gave us permission to use the balcony during the set. We also then knew that if we needed to we could leave our bags behind the sound man.

Even though we were there on behalf of Jukebox Monkey, we also shot for the line up acts too. These included Wicked Stone, Orphan Gears and Matt Clubb. We didn’t stay for the entirety of the sets as we didn’t want to be constantly in the way of the crowd. Not that I ever was because of my height, which actually caused some difficulties seeing over the banister to get my shots, but because of this I had to find other angles to access a viewpoint from (including going on tippytoes).

When we could we also introduced ourselves to the lineup bands too, so they weren’t put off by suddenly having a camera pointed at them. This is also a way to grow your contacts.

I was advised to purchase ear plugs because of being in close proximity to the speakers. However I completely forgot to order them, I found the ones I needed on amazon, just never purchased them. My ears were ringing afterwards, but fortunately where I am not doing these type of shoots regularly it won’t damage my ears for now. This is something I need to bare in mind for the future though. (I don’t think I will be able to get them in time for the next gig which is tomorrow).

I must say I struggled last night compared to when I last shot something similar, but looking at my photos I think before I had loads of good photos to choose from whereas this time, not so many but the ones that were good, were more than good, in my personal opinion anyway, so the quality of the photos has improved but not the quantity. It helped having a prime lens as it meant I could have a wider aperture.

I am now spending my Saturday editing the photos to get them over to the bands as quickly as possible.


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