Arts Mark Assistant (2/05/17)


Today we were learning and teaching how to make bunting, to decorate the final sculpture with.

The task in hand was to make 3/4 pieces of bunting each, the triangles were already cut out by Sioux for each student, then they had to sew one edge together, and thread a piece of string through.

Sewing is my worst nightmare, more so than the Becher’s, it brought back thoughts of textiles during secondary school where I’d spend half the class struggling to thread a needle, it got to the point where I’d sneak in a threader in my top pocket. Even then I took a while. But today they were nice big needles, with wide eyes. Today  was the most demanding for me anyway, because it was a skill I haven’t mastered, and at first I was quite worried that I wouldn’t be able to help the children when they were stuck, and that I would end up asking someone else for help, it didn’t come to that luckily. (All the children could thread the needles easily, so no worries there).

I am still enjoying myself, and teaching young children would be something I’d enjoy, but in moderation, I couldn’t be a full-time teacher and do maths, literature and art etc. I would enjoy to be an art teacher or photography teacher, or someone who visits schools for workshops, and then another line I would draw would be that I wouldn’t want to teach at secondary schools, I remember what my class mates where like back then, and I don’t think I could handle that.

(rambling on, back to today)

It is important to use self initiative and to be independent, because where I am so used to be the student or child asking a teacher for help, whereas for this I need to reverse the roles, I can’t be constantly asking Sioux for help, because she’s swept off her feet too helping the children. I think I manage this quite well, and only ask when it’s quite important, because I don’t want to be responsible for telling one of the children something wrong.

During both sessions I was sat at one table to focus on that group of children, and to make sue that they were getting on okay. We also had more help today, which meant we could spread ourselves out easier.

We set up the rooms like usual, with tablecloths on each and then counted equipment on each table. Sioux gave a demonstration at the beginning of each session, and then the children got on with it.

My duties today involved helping set up, assisting the children with sewing difficulties, documenting the day in photographs and packing away at the end.

This is such a great opportunity for me because not only am I learning new arts and crafts skills from Sioux, but new social skills from her, and how to work with children. I am also picking up on things from the other teachers.

I managed to take more photos in the morning session, because the children worked faster, so they had longer to paint, which they were quite independent and confident with, which meant I could stop assisting for a while to take photos.

Here are the photos from the morning session:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 20.23.12

And these are the photos from the next school:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 20.23.24

There was less going on today which meant there was less to photograph.

Next week they will be working on their sketchbooks and I have been asked to bring in some of my old ones as examples, so I have dug out my old A Level sketch books to bring in.

We also spoke about my wordpress blog today, and it is going to be used towards the Arts Mark award.


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