Gig Photography (30/04/17)

Over the weekend it was the maidstone fringe festival 7th year of running. It is an event that shows the new and diverse musical talents in the local area. I worked at the festival last year where I did all weekend but only in the evenings, I felt like this was less tiresome because it felt quicker, this time round there was a lot of waiting around and less excitement. Saying that I was still enthusiastic about the task at hand because I always enjoy a challenge.

I photographed 5 bands at the event. The venue itself caused difficulties, because originally the stage was meant to be set up outside the pub but due to weather it was carried out indoors. The ‘stage’ was a small room in the pub that was partitioned off by a bannister and beams, which were just massive obstructions to the photos.

Earlier on in the day it was slightly easier to work with because the crowds weren’t in yet so you could stand pretty much anywhere without being in anyones way. Also it was much lighter earlier on (which was a given) so it meant I could shoot with a lower ISO meaning clearer photos with less grain. As well as this I could shoot with a faster shutter speed to reduce camera shake and blur.

I still am yet to edit the photos I took from the fringe festival, as I have found these past few days exhausting, technically I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today (Tuesday), only giving myself Monday off because it was my Brothers birthday celebrations. I spent Saturday editing photos from the Jukebox Monkey from their soundcheck. My editing pile is now stacking up quite nicely so I will spend the rest of the evening editing some more.

Here I have inserted a few un-edited images from the fringe festival:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 20.20.35Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 20.20.51

I’ve selected these photos at random, so I haven’t chosen them as my best ones, just as examples of the different bands, looking over my images I’m feeling a bit disappointed, with the majority because it felt like I was really trying to find some good ones to include, I think when it actually comes to sitting down and taking the time to look through them I will feel better about it. I am excited about the photos I took of the last band that performed however.

In preparation for these shoots I purchased some earplugs in case I felt I needed them.


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