Branding across the web

For a long time now I have used the name Laura’s Lens for any photos I post online, I have created my blog with that name, my ‘professional’ Instagram page, a personal blog and I have since changed my Facebook page from Forget me not Photography to Laura’s Lens as it is important to stick to one name/ theme so I become easy to find, and everything links up.

It also now plastered over my business cards, it is a name I am happy with, and would like to stick to, however when it comes to buying a domain I won’t be surprised if it is already taken.

I was intending to create a website and portfolio during this unit, but never had the time to, and I didn’t want to squeeze it in, as I really want to take a long time to plan and design each element, because I want it to be something I stick with.

I created business cards during the exposure unit, and I already want to change them, (I have about 500 I need to get rid of first) I loved them at the time, and took weeks designing them, but now I like them, but I’m not sure its the look I’m after any more? So I plan that over the summer I go through all of these things I have spoken about and take my time to design something that will ‘last a lifetime’.

I will look at creating a logo if I decide I need one, I have already changed my watermark from Laura McEwan Photography to Lauras_lens_96, as my instagram account is where I am trying to grow my audience. Which is more difficult than it sounds, because I can post a photo and gain about 10 followers, but if I post too soon afterwards, I lose those followers, or if I post too late they’re gone too. I’ve set myself rules on instagram, it sounds silly I’m sure but I want to keep it looking precise and to a standard. So I post in threes, so each row all has a theme, or are all from the same shoot. I also don’t post the next photo from a series until I have reached a certain amount of likes, because I don’t want to put images up that my audience don’t enjoy. The target changes, at the beginning I started with a target of 10, but now I post after 15 if I’m going easy on myself but usually 20.

I now spend time look at analytics of my instagram, which is as tedious as it sounds and I have looked at blogs and advice columns on how to tag a photo and when to post it.

It does seem that this post is a bit of a cop-out but I really don’t want to waste my time rushing something this important to my future career.


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