11/05/17 Maternity Photoshoot

I had lots of different plans for this shoot, but it was all down to what the client Bobbie was comfortable with. Initially I said about booking a studio, and doing the shoot entirely inside, with controlled conditions, I then suggested about setting up a studio at home, or doing the shoot out on location weather permitting.

My client decided she would like the photos taken outside to start with, and further along the pregnancy if she wishes we can do another style shoot.

After being asked to take these types of photos I spent a while searching online to see  how other photographers had managed it, not to copy, but just so I had a rough idea of what to do, as this was entirely new and I had no idea what to expect of the outcome.

I met my client at the location, which was a country park as the locations inside varied. Whilst at the shoot, I kept checking that Bobbie was comfortable, and asked her what photos she wanted or if she had anything particular in mind.

I am actually really pleased with the outcome and so was the client, her exact words where that she loved them! and she kept showing them off to her family. I was even happier when I discovered that there was next to no editing to do.

Here are some examples from the shoot:


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