(16/05/17) Arts Mark Assistant

Today there was a bit of a switch around, which just meant that we went to St. Clements first in the morning and then to East Church in the afternoon. It was nothing we needed to worry about, as it didn’t make a difference.

Today we were making… POM POMS! for this we were using plastic bags. Sioux had difficulties sourcing these because of the 5p charge now and in the end had to buy them. At home she prepared the materials by cutting the bags into squares and counting them out.

To create the pom poms this is what you have to do: (this is what we taught and help the children with today)

  • First you would halve the carrier bags
  • Then fold one pile in half (set the other aside)
  • Next you do a concertina fold (the fold you do when making a paper fan)
  • Peg it in the middle to hold it together
  • Tie a string round the middle, tightly (remove the peg)
  • You can then trim the edges into points (before unfolding it)
  • Then you pull form the centre (where you’ve tied the string) to spread the bag open.
  • Spend some time fluffing it up
  • Now it is time to repeat the process on the other half
  • You then tie the two half pom poms together to create one big one!

Today I was setting up the tables in the hall (at Saint Clements) handing out equipment at the beginning of both sessions, assisting and answer the children’s questions. I was also taking photos, around the hall and classroom but mainly at the end of both sessions I took a group class photo. At Saint Clements, because we were in the nice big hall it didn’t prove to difficult, just that I didn’t know how to arrange them or how to communicate that to them, I just got them to huddle together, and I could stand far enough back to get them all in shot. At the second school it proved to be a bit of a challenge.

At East Church we did the workshop back in their regular class room which meant that we didn’t have much space to arrange them or many options. It also meant that no matter where I stood I wasn’t going to be able to fit them in using a 35mm lens. In the end I took separate photos intending to merge them together later on photoshop.

I have just spent a little while doing this, and the first attempt left a few of the children with arms sticking out of their heads and mouths missing, I then used a different automate photo-merge selection which fixed this.

Some of the more quiet children today were opening up to me which was really nice, one little girl was telling me about her puppy that fits into her hand. Then there are the louder ones asking if I’m from a country, which I replied yes this one, they think I have an accent. Again another group of louder boys said “Miss aint you 21?” and I confirmed and again was told I looked about 15.

Both of the sessions today were a lot quicker, which meant the children could make pom poms out of tissue as well to take home. It also meant we had a lunch hour! (an entire hour!)

Photos from Saint Clements:

Photos from East Church:

Next week is the last workshops with them, I will be going back to help set up the structure but this won’t be with the whole class. I’m sure that I will really miss this and the children from both schools.


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