2nd Wedding photographer/assistant

So it is finally the big day, not just for the bride, but yes you’ve guessed it in one, the 2nd photographer/assistant. Working for yourself, being self employed/ freelance means doing lots off odd jobs and one of these was assisting Blindluck photography on  a wedding. The wedding was in Uxbridge, which is just over an hours drive away. Paul had worked with the family previously on a wedding and re-newing vowels ceremony, and got his work through being recommended each time.

I felt comfortable working with someone I know well, and it wasn’t until we got that I realised I would be working in front of people, and talking to people I didn’t know. From previous similar scenarios where I need to talk to a stranger, I have the tendency to stutter a bit from nerves and not knowing what to say. However it wasn’t the case at this wedding, everyone was so lovely and welcoming. I will never get over the feeling of being at a wedding that you are not invited to though, it’s quite surreal.

I was reminded at the beginning that there was no pressure on me to get any shots, as anything I would take would be a nice extra.

There where three venues that we would be shooting at, the register office, the restaurant and then the rugby club for the evening-do. At the register office, Paul would be up front to get the big shots, and I stayed at the back to capture photos of the bride entering the room, and to get photos from another view of the guests, bride and groom. I had quite a bit of space to move around and the room had enough light in it to not cause problems.

After the ceremony Paul took the posed shots outside, I had the checklist of what photos the couple wanted and was in charge of calling out who was next. We then traveled to the next venue, for food and the speeches. We also used this space to take more posed photos, this time I was assisting by using the reflector, the sun was in and out but when the sun was shining it was beneficial to us the reflector, and you could see a huge difference. I was pulled aside by the Father of the bride and asked to take some portraits of him.

Finally the last venue. This was evening reception, so lights were turned off and the disco started. This meant using an external flash, something that I wasn’t confident in, but it was extremely easy to use, and the results were great. I bounced it off the ceiling to soften the light. More guests arrived so it was our job to ‘capture’ them enjoying themselves. We were also there to take photos of the first dance and the cutting of the cake. (however the latter did not happen as the venue didn’t have a knife).

I feel like the photos of the children are stronger images, this might be because I have been practicing it at the schools every week. It was such an enjoyable experience, and I am so grateful I could be there to take photos for the happy couple. I would love to go into wedding photography, but I feel my confidence will always let me down.

(I spent a day on the shoot and a day editing the photos)


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