Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy was recommended to me by a friend, when I said that I wanted to take photos of the sun setting or rising, she said about how the clouds look as if they have been woven together, and he produced this look by overlapping lots of photos taken over a time period. Matt Molloy … More Matt Molloy

Project Update

(continuation from proposal update) My project’s concept has now developed further, the idea will still remain the same, to show a variety of techniques and skills, photographing landscapes and nature, all based in the Country Park, but not only is it a reminder of what is on my doorstep but a reminder of all the … More Project Update

Experiments (4)

    The Ron Van Dongen research is from my image making unit, and when I was out taking photos at the country park of the flora, the idea of documenting the flowers, in a scientific way came up again, so I picked a couple of the flowers that I photographed and created these pairs … More Experiments (4)

Experiments (3)

For these images my first thought was what would happen if I combined a photo with detail and texture, and an almost silhouette photograph, with no detail or texture? I used the different blending options on Photoshop on each photo-merge to see the different outcomes I could reach. Singularly these images don’t amount to much, but … More Experiments (3)

Gustave Le Gray

Gustave Le Gray was born near in France near Paris in 1820. He studied the art of painting there. In 1847 he took up photography. He became one of the most well-known pioneers of photography. His portrait, architecture and landscape photography along with his teaching, writings and inventions were highly influential. He is most known … More Gustave Le Gray