Sitting here, with all the work that I produced laid out in front of me, I can’t help but feel accomplished and relieved. What I planned to produce as an outcome, was a slightly unreasonable target to reach, given the time scale. I prioritised elements on my plan of action, and did it step by … More Evaluation

Final edited images

Here I have scanned in the photographs that I will present in the Exhibition, it was more time consuming printing and ageing these than I thought it would be. I discovered that putting them in the oven, gives them a dried crusty feel, like old photos get when they’ve been left out in a garage.

Final Shoot

To prepare for the final photoshoot, I spent more time making more hanging straw dollies and twig crosses. I needed to be weary of the weather, and careful of the ground, as it was heavy rain the night before, and could be flooded. On the day the wind decided to pick up, which meant I … More Final Shoot

Test shoot

I have decided on Perry Woods as my location because of a previous trip here, (all be it, a few years ago) and I remember seeing huts made from twigs and leaves, I wasn’t sure if they would still be standing when I went to visit again, which is why I needed to do a … More Test shoot